Monday, May 21

So maybe it's my birthday, but

do you want to know how I spent the day? Started the day trying to get Josh to understand why he could NOT wear two different shoes to an appointment we had. It's okay to wear them at home(sometimes) but not out in public! I have to draw the line somewhere. Put shoes back on his kicking feet about ten times! Continued to argue/disagree with Josh about various things until he vegged in front of the tv for a little while and he realized I wasn't out to ruin his life. Sewed alot on a fancy new sewing machine that Mom bought for everybody to use, but it gets to stay at my house:O) Yeah for me!! Picked Michael up from school to hear the dreaded words "Mom, I don't feel good". Got equipment and children ready for baseball game, Michael played very little. Tried to manage the boys in the dugout, but all of them were very unruly tonight. One boy even bit another, one boy poured water all over another boys pants, another kept spraying me with bug spray:O( Then I had to watch the end of another kids ballgame before we could go eat. Ate food quickly for fear that Michael might throw up in the restaurant:( Brought Michael home just in time for him to throw up in the bathroom floor! 1 sick child + a whole bunch of unruly boys = one momma who wants to forget this birthday! (don't I get a do-over)

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Anonymous said...

I think you should have an unbirthday today! :o) You can celebrate any day you want to, in fact! I guess we should celebrate every day we wake up breathing and walking and talking, even if we have to deal with barf!! :o)