Monday, April 30

Weekend in Review

Here's what we did this weekend
-Up at 6 am, get breakfast and all four of us showered, dressed and fed
in order to make it to the ballpark at 8:40 am.
-Entertain Josh at ballpark while Barry and Michael participate in activites till 11 am.
-Home for quick lunch, and I go off with Aunt Stephanie and Grandma to go on Home Tours. We got to go inside the Extreme Makeover Home that was built near here in Dewey, OK! How awesome is that! Barry took the kids to McDonalds and then home for a nap while we were gone.
-Home again in time to eat a quick bite and we are off to the Circus! It had been about 6 years since we have gone to the circus, I don't think Michael even remembers the last time we went. It was very fun!
-Finally home to bed, what an eventful day!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it was a BUSY day! Also lots of FUN! It was a day well lived! :o)