Saturday, April 7

Eggs, Eggs, and More Eggs....

We have been to so many Egg hunts this season. Last week we did two egg hunts and today we did another one. Michael had an egg hunt at school and Josh had an egg hunt at MOPS. Do you know how many plastic eggs are now running loose around our house? Thousands or at least it seems that way!

Today's egg hunt was sponsered by the fire department, so the fire engines were out for all the kids to look at. The kids were divided by age and by boy/girl, which would have meant lots of eggs, especially for Josh's age group but when the horn went off to go Josh got so startled that he started to cry and didn't want to pick up any eggs! Oh well!

I haven't been posting much, there just doesn't seem to be enough time between baseball practice, work, kids and life. I've also started selling on ebay again and I've been spending alot of time doing that.

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