Monday, March 5

It's been another busy weekend

I'm sure ya'll would rather see a picture of the boys, but I have a buffalo instead. Sunday we drove out to Woolaroc (wildlife ranch/indian museum) and the animals were enjoying the beautiful weather. The buffalos were so close by and seem to be posing for all the passerbys to take pictures! (I took this picture from the car, literally 6 ft away from a Buffalo)

It was another super busy weekend with basketball games, baseball evaluations, Barry working Sat, grocery shopping and a trip to Woolaroc. I never realized how busy weekends can be when you work a M-F job.
I am glad today is Monday and we can take a break from the busyiness.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, weekends are VERY BUSY when you work a Monday through Friday job! Especially when you have a training or have to work one of the weekend days, too! YIKES! The buffalo looks great. I bet they were enjoying the weather. It was COLD where I was at this weekend, but did improve on Sunday where I could enjoy some outside time! I'll see everybody this weekend for Daniel's birthday. It should be FUN!