Wednesday, March 14

All things orange

Finally, I have more than a minute to sit down and think. Josh went to the doctor today for an ear infection. He got some medicine and ear drops. I was really proud of him today, he did everything the doctor asked him to do without much fuss. I could tell he really wanted to make his ear feel better. He is very stubborn about taking medicine, usually spitting it right out, but today I found a great product that lets you flavor and even sweeten medicine to a flavor of your choice. It came with bubble gum, grape, watermelon and most wonderful Orange (do you hear the angels singing) Orange is Josh's most favorite thing in the world right now. Everything the color orange or taste orange. He drank the medicine like it was ice cream or as he called it "a orange swushie".
We are two for two on the medicine today, I only hope he doesn't wake up tomorrow and decides on a different favorite color.
Michael has spring break next week! Something we didn't have in Pennslyvania, an entire week off for spring break. Bad news is after spring break he has to go to school for 30 minutes longer each day(8:45-4pm), until they make up a snow day. But at least he will have more daylight to play in the evening. Friday is also parent/teacher confernces. I'm sure I will hear all good things. My boy is a smartie! He is also entering a math competition next month. Woo-Hoo!
Off to bed now! Go on!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad they came up with the flavorings for the medicines. The kids seem to like them and don't give such a fuss about taking medicine when it tastes better. WOO HOO for orange!! :o) Hope Josh and Wesley are feeling better! I'm on my way to the dentist for a crown and replacing 3 fillings! JOY! JOY! I'm sure you'll find out awesome things at the parent/teacher conference today. :o) What a couple of adorable and smart kiddos you have!!! YEAH for SPRING BREAK!!! If only they had it for adults! :o)