Wednesday, February 14

Valentines Day

Here's what I've done on this day full of love. 1. Woke up to Michael saying " Mom, there's a dead fish". 2. Enjoyed a Valentines breakfast feast at Michaels school-much fun! 3. Raced home from school to load dog in car and find animal hospital. 4. Realized animal hospital wasn't where I thought it was and went back home to call for directions. 5. Arrived at animal hospital to realize dog had pee'd in crate-all over the food that I didn't know was in crate-big mess. 6. Take dog, dog crate, and Josh into vet-apologized for being late, begged them to wash dog crate and dog off. 7. Dog gets shots, we all get home and now I'm taking Josh out to eat pizza. How have you spent your day full of love?

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Anonymous said...

I spent my Valentine's Day working 11 hours. I dealt with all kinds of fun during that time such as paperwork, meetings, trying to find kiddos homes for the night, staying with kiddos until the homes we found actually had people in them to watch the kiddos, buying LOTS of batteries for my autistic kiddo's gameboy so it didn't die in the three hours we were waiting for the foster mom to get home (she spent an hour in line at Popeye's waiting for food!) and FINALLY getting home in time to watch Criminal Minds and feed the cats, not to mention myself! :o) I also snuck to a wonderful gourmet chocolate shop to get my roomies some Valentine's treats! They enjoyed them tremendously!! :o) Well, I've gotta scoot for supervision. Have a GREAT DAY!