Wednesday, January 31

Not much going on

Not much is going on in the Miller house. It is snowing right now, the prediction is only 1 to 3 inches. I can handle the snow, but the cold is unbearable. I am really feeling the end of winter blah's.
Michael stayed home from school yesterday. He came home from school monday with a headache and took a two hour nap after school. I knew he wasn't feeling well, he hasn't taken a nap in a few years. He threw up later that evening, but seemed to feel better yesterday. I sent him to school today and hopefully he will stay the whole day.
Michael is also going to the eye doctor next week. He didn't pass the vision screening at school, so the appointment is very necessary. The school nurse even called yesterday to see if I had followed up with an appointment. Poor guy, I got my glasses in the 5th grade, he's only in the second grade.
At the moment, Josh is being superman. He is very particular about his superman "stuff"(various toys and items w/superman on them). Everything superman has to be in one basket together. Doesn't matter if everything else in his room is scattered around, superman has to be in a basket. He also picked out superman valentines to pass around.
That's about all for now. I'm tryin' to keep warm!

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Anonymous said...

I'm moving to HAWAII tomorrow! Anybody want to join me?!