Monday, January 22

Dreaming of Spring

What's a person to do when the ice/sleet/snow is still covering the ground for the upteenth day in a row? Dream of spring, of course.

Today was the first day back to school for Michael but unfortunately the city doesn't plow side streets and our street is a unbearable mess. And in my little car it just doesn't make it. We got stuck in the middle of the street last night just trying to see if it would get out. Barry drives the big green car to work, and at this point he really needs to get to work. So maybe tomorrow enough of it will be gone that I can drive him to school. In order to ride the bus, we would have to walk about a block or more to the bus stop in this mess.

So we spent some time outside this morning playing kickball and sittin' at the picnic table having ice pizza for lunch.

Protective head gear for playing golf in the house?

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Anonymous said...

Ok, Sis, you can play out in the snow for days in a row, but you can't walk a block to the bus stop?! I think somebody just wanted an excuse to stay home for another day, huh?! :o) Hopefully Michael will get back in school tomorrow. I know very well what you mean by not being able to get off of your street, as Curtis and Michael both got stuck numerous times this weekend in our most recent 10 inches of snow on top of the ice and sleet that was already on the ground and on the road. YUCK!! :o) They NEVER plow our street! Have a GREAT DAY! :o)