Wednesday, January 24

All snuggled in bed with visions of PB & J's dancing in his head??!?!

Since we put a tv and dvd player in Michaels room, Josh has been taking his turn watching movies in michaels room (usually when he's at school). This day in particular I was very clear I didn't want Josh to take a nap because he did the two previous days and stayed up very late those nights. I delivered his PB & J to him and came back to check a few minutes later and he was out! Guess he didn't get my message about no naps!


Anonymous said...

Hey, that sandwich doesn't look like a PB & J. Isn't that one of Josh's famous ketchup and cheese sandwiches?!? Or was that a secret?
The Anonymous Neighbor ;)

Jen said...

Oops, your right! It is a cheese and ketchup sandwich. I fix too many sandwiches! The title wouldn't sound right with ketchup and cheese sandwiches dancing in his head??!?!

Anonymous said...

Ketchup and cheese, YUCK!!!! I think I like PB&J better! :o)