Wednesday, December 6

Mish-mash of things

  • I haven't posted pictures lately because of Blogger. Sometimes the site works, sometimes it doesn't. Guess that's what I get with a free blogging site. I can't complain. I was trying to take a nice picture to put in Holiday cards (can't call them Christmas because I probably won't get started until New Years), but Josh Miller just doesn't want to co-operate. This is the best I could get. It's kind of cute, I think I could use the caption "We're jumping for joy, It's a new year" or something like that. They often jump on the bed because it's very old and it's only the mattress and springs on the floor.

We have so much going on, yesterday was my last MOPS meeting. It was sad to know I won't be seeing all of my MOPS friends again, but I know I will have lots of people to keep in touch with. We are eating dinner out with Blake (Barry's boss) tonight for the last time and our Burlington Brands Christmas party is this weekend. Steph is coming next week for a whirlwind of a vacation. We have lots of stuff planned to do, it will be lots of fun.

On another note, Michaels hair is growing in very fast, he has gotten so many compliments about his very short hair cut. I've had many mothers w/daughters tell me how cute they think he looks! I think they were trying to do a little match-making! :o)


Anonymous said...

I'm jumping for joy that I'll be there next week! :o) One week from today we'll be waking up in a Caboose! :o) Can't wait to see you guys!

Anonymous said...

I've heard there's a good MOPS group that meets at First Baptist. Soon you will able to make some new friends. I hope Josh likes the new MOPS as well as you. ;o)