Thursday, November 16

The universe is paying me back

Okay, I can't get a picture to upload right now, but the final result of Michaels head is a completely shaved head. It seems that I am the only one who is having a hard time with it. Michael was okay this morning before school, he was just talking about everybody will want to rub his head. I am praying that he will be okay after school, kids can sometimes be harsh. But I must say the universe is paying me back for my goof. Barry, Josh and I went for breakfast this morning at the local diner and as I opened the car door the wind blew and whipped the door open so fast that it broke the piece that kept the door from opening up all the way really fast. For a few minutes we couldn't get the door to shut. Then while we were waiting on our food, I reached over to help Josh pour milk in his cereal and spilled my drink over the entire table. That's not the end of it. We went to the mall so I could get my hair cut. I should have known better when I saw the stylist with bright blue eyeshadow and very pink blush coming towards me, I should have walked away. I didn't and it took her 1 hour to cut my hair. no shampoo. no styling. Just cutting for a whole hour. I now have a very short haircut. I don't mind the front so much, but the back of my hair is really short. I almost jumped out of the chair when she pulled out the same kind of razor that I cut Michaels hair with to trim the back of my hair. Now the cavity I had filled on Tuesday night feels really weird today and I am afraid that it might be falling out. I hope it won't but maybe I need to do some good deeds and reverse this bad karma. It's payback, and I think I will stay home for the rest of the day. :o(


Lisa said...

No picture of YOUR new hair do?! I'm sure you look great!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, where is a picture of your haircut?! :o) I'll bet mom will think it's WONDERFUL! Sounds like you had a FUN day! :o) Better get to work on that good deed stuff! :o)