Sunday, November 19

Moving day countdown....

34 days and counting... I feel like I'm not doing enough every day to get ahead. Like today I have done nothing to help the moving process. Yesterday, I did find new loving homes for our 3 goldfish. I also got gave away a small piece of furniture. Today I guess I am taking a break. Our huge tree has finally lost all of its leaves, so Josh and I raked a huge pile today and it was all for jumping in. He was having a blast until his fingers got too cold. I also baked a batch of Christmas cookies. Now if I can talk the boys into letting me have a turn with the tv I plan to watch the movie Christmas with the Kranks.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure both boys will miss all the leaves in Pennsylvania. There aren't so many in Oklahoma! That could be a good thing, but Pennsylvania is certainly beautiful in the Fall and Spring! :o) You'd better get a move on, as time is running out and you won't be doing anything but playing when I come! :o) See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry! You will have plenty of leaves at your new house, and they will still be there when you move in. We have thousands of leaves; that's why we never raked them. I'm so glad our new house doesn't have very many leaves.
SEE you very soon!