Tuesday, November 28

Brotherly Love

I over heard a conversation Josh was having today while on a play phone. "Sorry, Mike, I not your best friend, I wupermans best friend" This was also followed by "Wuperman, you bring presents?"


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Michael would be broken hearted that his two-year-old brother didn't want to be his best friend! :o) I'd kinda like to be best friends with "Wuperman" myself. I'm sure at least one of my guardian angels is akin to "Wuperman" as many times as I've been "rescued!" :o)

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with Wuperman unless he comes on a sled!!! I don't think you need to put your snow shovel up just yet. We just got 15 INCHES of snow last night!! We don't normally get that much snow in a season much less in one storm! You must have packed it in that box you sent down here! TTFN