Monday, November 6

Backyard tree

This is just a small portion of the tree in our backyard. It's just now starting to change colors. I don't know why but this tree is always one of the last in the neighborhood to lose its leaves. And because it is so big, we always wait until all the leaves have fallen before we start to rake. I mean why rake the entire yard when you know you are going to have to do it all over again. I'm sure our neighbor who purposely cut down the trees in his yard to have less leaves to rake loves my philosphy on leaf raking. Honestly, I'm just waiting for a big wind to blow the leaves into everybody elses yard!

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Anonymous said...

I just wonder why people rake leaves in the first place. Could it be that God intended for the leaves to make a natural mulch on the ground as the leaves decay? HUM?! Oh well, leave it to us humans to interfere with ANYTHING! :o)