Wednesday, October 18

Warning: Gross and disqusting picture ahead!!!!!

Okay, awhile (I'm not saying how long) back we lost a gold fish. He just disappeared from the water, and we assumed that the bigger, fatter fish had ate him.
I looked around the tank, because I had heard that fish can jump out of the water, but I didn't find a fish. Today (I'm a little embarrassed to say) I looked behind the couch and saw this.....

We found the missing fish! Eeeewwwwww! Yuck! Josh then had to tell his speech therapist all about the fish, and how mommy took picture of the dead fish.


Anonymous said...

Poor fishy! I can't tell you how many fish I had that jumped out of the fishbowl and died! I finally had to stop getting fish because of that. :o( I'm a fish murderer!!!! I'm a little scared that you didn't smell anything! :o) Love ya, Sis

Anonymous said...

Well at least no one ATE it like I did. Maybe that's why I like fishing to this day. Who knew catching and trying to eat a goldfish at a year old would have turned into a lifelong hobby! TTFN