Friday, October 27

Friday night plans

Let me start by saying Barry is out playing poker, it's cold and raining so this is what we are doing tonight. We have pulled mattress's into the living room and we are having a camp out. So far there has been lots of wrestling, pillow fights, and laughing.
I can remember some nights growing up on the farm, we would put mattress's outside in the truck bed because it was to hot to sleep inside the house.
We are also watching The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, another great memory I have growing up, I always looked forward to watching the special.

Hope ya'll had a great weekend making family memories!


Lisa said...

Looks like fun! Did anyone get any sleep?

Anonymous said...

Thankfully you could just have fun with the mattresses! Watch out for that GREAT PUMPKIN! :o) Hope Barry didn't lose his shirt in the poker game like I always do! :o)