Monday, September 4

Weekend in Review

*Saturday-rain, rain, and more rain, it didn't stop us from going to Target to check out the $1 section that was now 75% off. The power kept going on and off in Target, Josh said "Let's go home, now!"
*Sunday-the rain stopped but now we have a bazillion sticks and tree limbs to pick up in the yard. I picked up two very cute kids folding chairs from freecycle, Josh carried his chair everywhere he went.
*Monday--My neighbor stopped by the backyard to see if we were going to eat with them, I said I didn't know we were invited. Apparently my husband forgot to mention that we had been invited to a Labor Day cookout. I gladly said Yes, I would be there but he might not be....available.
Michael has played outside with Jesse all day today, I will have to use a whole bar of soap just to get the dirt off.
It's back to school tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a busy but fun weekend! :o) Did Barry go to the cookout? I NEVER turn down free food! :o) Love ya, Sis