Saturday, September 16

Okay, I just have to complain. Joshua Ryan Miller kept us up until 2 am last night. Not because he was sick or crying, just because he would not go to sleep. He napped for about an hour yesterday which is not anything unusual. When I got home from work, he played a little bit and I thought for sure he would be out by 10pm. Barry and I tried everything, he was not complaining of pain, he was not hungry (because I offered everyfood I could think of), he had a cup of milk. He just sat up and would not close his eyes for anything. Finally, I laid down with him in his bed and told him I was going to sleep, he cried and tossed for about 30 minutes before he finally fell asleep. Guess what, he still woke up about 7 am! Why??!?!?!?!

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Anonymous said...

I take it this doesn't happen often. :o) Count yourself LUCKY that he USUALLY sleeps through the night! :o) It was likely all the rain and he wasn't able to get his outside energy out being cooped up in the house! LET'S HOPE! Love ya, Sis