Saturday, September 23

Just a few things

  • I have been taking more pictures of Josh lately because Michael is busy at school, scouts and with his friends.

  • Barry is taking a class at H & R block twice a week (for those who didn't know), so now we have two people in this house who must do homework almost every night.

  • The Ephrata fair is next week and we can't wait! Maybe this year michael will want to ride some rides instead of play all the way overpriced games. Mmmmm, funnel cake!

  • Can I tell you how much I dread fundraising? This month Michael has fundraising for school, and now for cubscouts. I don't feel like dragging two kids door to door asking people to buy things from a way overpriced catalog only to be rejected by all the people on the street who have kids in the same situation.
  • Does anybody want to buy some cubscout popcorn?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The fair sounds FUN! I haven't been to one since you, mom, Michael and me went to the Tulsa State Fair. That was a while ago!! :o) I would say to eat some funnel cake for me, but please DON'T since I HATE it! Eat some for mom, she LOVES it! Josh looks like he's having fun swinging and enjoying the beautiful weather! Love ya, Sis