Wednesday, August 2


I haven't taken many pictures lately, partly because of the heat. It is so freaking hot that it just makes me want to do nothing. Just ask michael. Now that kyle is not here everyday, he has been a little bored. I am no longer mediating arguments about whose bug is bigger and better or who gets to go first, but now have Michael complaining about there is nothing to do. And since the heat makes me not want to do anything, I can't take pictures inside my house and post the mess that would be in the background.
I am praying for a cold front, right now, I don't care if it snows!

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Anonymous said...

Sis, I think you've been out of Oklahoma too long and you've forgotten just how hot it can get! :o) London had a heat wave while we were there and the highest it got up to was 93 degrees. They were all croaking and I thought it felt good compared to the 110 degrees in Kansas! :o) Love ya, Sis