Wednesday, August 30

I had a bad day...

Yesterday was not such a great day. To begin with the tv in our bedroom was doing really weird things like changing channels by itself, then going to a blue screen and the power button wouldn't work. I unplugged it, let it rest and plugged it back in, it would work for awhile and then do the same thing. This happened to me about three times. Barry came home and plugged into another outlet (in the same place, we have a six plug outlet) and it has worked fine since. Go figure!

A little while later, Josh and I heard this really loud noise which I thought was our trash cans rolling down the street. Turns out it was thunder right before we had to go pick Michael up from school. Josh was terrified and held a death grip on me. We got in the car and left, it started to then drop buckets of rain, very heavy rain. The kind of rain, that you can't really see where you are going, even when your wipers are on high speed, well, I couldn't see anything when my WIPERS QUIT WORKING!!!XX@!#$%(*&%^$%) Luckily, I got to a gas station with just running over the curb. I get my cell phone out to call Barry to come and get Michael from school, I didn't know if it was going to stop raining soon, but my cell phone battery was DEAD!!$%@!#$%#^ I used the gas station phone, barry picked Michael up and it stopped raining.

To end my stroke of bad luck, I went to the dentist this morning and discovered I have several cavities between my teeth that need to be filled and one that may need to have a root canal!!#%$%!^$
Bad days, be gone!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you should have bought a lottery ticket! :o) Sorry you had a jinxed day, hopefully today was better. I guess you should go to the dentist a little more often and start FLOSSING!! I guess Josh has some of the Ashwood genes when it comes to storms! :o) Love ya, Sis