Monday, August 7

3 weeks from today and School starts!

I am looking forward to school starting. It will just bring some routine calmness back into our life. This summer has been a crazy one with a lot of emotional highs and lows. I will enjoy the quietness of the day, yet miss Michael. I am looking forward to going back to MOPS and seeing lots of friends. I love the start of another school year, it brings back wonderful memories of my childhood, shopping for school clothes, fresh notebooks and unsharpened pencils. I always liked going to school and I hope that my kids enjoy school.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, school starts here on Monday the 14th! Enjoy those last few days of summer! I remember having to have the notebooks with the raised characters on them so that I could make pencil rubbings of the characters! That was probably before you can even remember breathing! :o) I remember having to wait to wear my new clothes and it nearly killed me! When I look back at pictures I wonder WHY I even wanted to wear the clothes at all--they were hideous!! I'm sure I was stylin', but I'm glad styles have changed!! :o) Have a GREAT DAY! Love ya, Sis