Thursday, July 6

Lucky Ducks

This is Josh's newest game. His speech therapist brought it to play last week
and he just loved it. I looked at Wal-mart and the game was almost $20 brand new. We love to go to Goodwill, we got lucky and found the complete Lucky Ducks game the last trip. We just had to buy new batteries and the game only cost $1.97.
Josh loves his Lucky Ducks!!


Anonymous said...

Way to shop!! :o) Cute game! Looks like FUN! :o) Love, Aunt Stephie

Anonymous said...

Get ready to go QUACKERS! We have Lucky Ducks at home and we played it probably a million times. Ours is defective though because we lost one of the yellow ones somewhere before we left Ponca City. I guess the world travelers will eventually make their way home. I'm glad you got to spend time with them this past week. It looks like the boys are getting huge. Our little one is pitching a fit so I'd better go.