Thursday, June 15

Summer full of Bugs and Bruises

I can tell this summer is going to be all about bugs and bruises. The boys have been outside all this week, making bug "poison" to attract and capture bugs. Michael is very envious of Kyles bug house and bug vacuum and wants one of his own now.
Right now they are out seeing how many times and different ways they can fall off their bikes. Yikes! I need to invest in a first aid kit.

Poor Josh tries to keep up with them, but just can't do it sometime. Last night he laid on the couch to watch tv and he immediately fell asleep.

Tonight is another baseball game, tomorrow we have one more day of soccer camp, Saturday is another baseball game and then we are off for vacation. I can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

That bug poison looks disgusting! Hope it worked to catch a lot of bugs! :o) Wal-Mart and Target have good ready made first aid kits for just such occassions as summer! Have fun! Love ya, Sis